Monthly Charity 1 + 1 Support Pack (M) - 4kg of veggies per week
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  • This is a buy one free one program, which you can buy one Farmers'choice Premium/ Regular Pack for your own consume, we will give a Premium/Regular Pack to a charity organisation. Of cause you can also choose to give both if u want. 

    If you want to send one to yourself and one to Rumah Hope, pls Put in comment "HOPE 1+1" while make order 

    if you want to send both to Rumah Hope, just put in comment "HOPE BOTH"  while make order

  • For this monthly package you will get a regular pack every week as well as Rumah Hope will get a regular pack (4kg)
  • This veggie pack consist of 10 types of veggie
  • The veggie listt subject to change base on the availability and freshness upon delivery 
  • Free Delivery
  • You can nominate the charity organisation that you want to support, else we willl be sending to Rumah Hope 


  • Let our in-house farmer choose 10 types of best quality of veggie that we have upon delivery   


  • List Of Veggie that might possible to be selectedd in Regular Pack
    • 1) CPF Japanese Choy Sum
      2) CPF Siew bak choy
      3) CPF Nai Bak 
      4) CPF Tomato
      5) CPF Cherry Tomato
      6) CPF Chinese Lettuce
    • 7) CPF Mini Cos Lettuce (Yau Mak)
    • 8) Pre-washed Capsicum (2 colours)
    • 9) CPF White Radish
    • 10 CPF Cabbage
    • 11) CPF Chayote 12) CPF Chayote Shoot
    • 13) Iceplant
    • 14) CPF Bayam
    • 15) CPF Kangkung
    • 16) CPF Ladies Finger
    • 17) CPF Eggplant
    • 18) CV Sweet Potato Leaves
    • 19) CV Purslane
    • 20) Australian Carrot


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