Monthly Charity 1+1 Support Pack (L) - 6KG+/-
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  • This is a buy one free one Chraity program, which you can buy one Farmers'choice Premium/ Regular Pack for your own consume, we will give a Premium/Regular Pack to a charity organisation. Of cause you can also choose to give both if u want. 
  • For this monthly package you will get a premium pack every week as well as Rumah Hope will get a premium pack (6kg) 
  • If you want to send one to yourself and one to Rumah Hope, pls Put in comment "HOPE 1+1" while make order 
  • Premium items such as kale, iceplant, Strawberry, japanse pumpkin will not be include in charity 1+1 package

We will chpose the best quality of 15 veggies to put in the veggie box upon delovery to you. 

  • List Of Veggie that possible in Premium Box
    • 1) CPF Choy Sum
      2) CPF Siew Bak Choy
      3) CPF Nai Bak
      4) CPF Japanese Cucumber
      5) CPF Mini Cos Lettuce (Yau Mak)
      6) CPF Chinese Lettuce
      7) CPF Broccoli
      8) Pre-washed Cauliflower
      9) CPF Tomato
      10) CPF Cherry Tomatoes
      11) CPF Leek
      12) CPF Cabbage
      13) CPF Spinach
      14) CPF White Radish 
      15) Pre-washed French Bean
    • 16) Pre-washed Capsicum Traffic Light
    • 17) CPF/CV Ladies Finger
    • 18) CPF/CV Eggplant
    • 19) CPF Bayam
    • 20) CPF Kangkung
    • 21) CPF Chayote
    • 22) CPF Chayote Shoot
    • 23) Carrot