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  • This store credit is available any purchase in this website except for Monthly Package, Store Credit, and FTH Daily Catering and Other Merchants / Partner's product



All veggie are triple washed with Biolux Ozone Water


All veggie will be triple washed with Biolux Ozone Water


- Triple washed with Biolux Ozone water






This is a control price item by Beacon Hospital. Thus not applicable to any promo, voucher nor purchase with store credit.  Pre order need to be made at least 2 or 3 days earlier.  This item is also not entitle for delivery rebate unless your more than 60% of your purchase are veggies. 



  • Delivery on Monday to Friday 11,30am to 13.00pm
  • Pork Free
  • Find out about the menu here:

  • Can request for Carbs Diet set or Vegetarian Set