Pre-cooked Korean Ginseng Chicken
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一定要试试韩国人在夏天 特别是三伏天最爱喝的人参鸡汤 对于韩国人来说 这种以热治热的方法 利用人参鸡的热量逼出身体风寒湿邪和降暑 让你精神满满~

采用了本地无菌养殖的走地鸡 脂肪少营养价值高 无饲料只喂食优质的玉米与米糠 使鸡肉香甜滑嫩 加上良好的食材 :甘甜的人参、鲜甜红枣、绵软的糯米 由韩国大厨烹饪的食谱 呈现出韩国地地道道的风味 

大厨特别把新鲜的红枣 人参 香蒜 糯米放入嫩鸡里 满满浓郁的参鸡汤 吃着一口一口鲜香的糯米 与鸡和汤混合均匀 齿颊留香 元气满满~
现在,您可以在封锁期间将这道美味佳肴带回家。 FTHD 与韩国餐厅的合作,现在您可以在#StayAtHome 和 #StaySafe 的同时享用这道地道的菜肴。

A local Korean dishes that you must try, the Ginseng Chicken Soup that Koreans love to drink during summer. For Koreans, this method uses heat to cure heat and uses the heat of ginseng chicken to force the body out of wind, cold, dampness and summer heat, and let you full of energy 

By using local aseptic farmed chicken has low fat and high nutritional value, and only fed with high-quality corn and rice bran, will make the chicken sweet and tender. With good ingredients: sweet ginseng, fresh sweet red dates, and soft glutinous rice. Produced by a Korean chef cooking recipes, presented the authentic flavor of Korea

The chef select fresh red dates, ginseng, garlic, and glutinous rice to slow cook inside the tendered chicken, resulting a rich ginseng chicken soup, extremely delicious.  

Now, you can bring this delicious dish back to your home during this lockdown. A collaboration between FTHD and a Korean Restaurant, now you can enjoy this authentic dishes while #StayAtHome and #StaySafe.